In this ‘check in’ I’m sharing much of my process in regard to writing for cinema. Throughout the process, I research screenwriting experts like Syd Field and John Truby, but also story/narrative authorities like Dan Harmon and Joseph Campbell. My aim is to construct a narrative that will begin with basic theory but focus on specific characters as they develop through the plot. I’ve included a working script of my film that I developed through research but also in partnership with fellow filmmaker and grad student (at MCAD) Amanda Schroeder with whom I share creative goals and reading habits. 

As a way to develop more realistic characters, I took a personality test. This exercise helped me understand the application of certain identifiable traits within myself which led, I think, to a deeper understanding of my characters. I’ve included a written reflection of my own personality test as a way to show my thinking in the writing of characters. 

One of the goals of my cinema project is to propose a long-form narrative (TV) project to Netflix (or really any damn streaming service that would give me a budget!). To support that effort, I reviewed (and continue to review) Netflix series that fit in the speculative fiction genre. Mine is a more anthology series, but I’ve included a written reflection of a comedy sci-fi series called Space Force. There are episode conventions that I’m using in the construction of my own cinematic project which may serve as a pilot for a much longer narrative.