In Production: Lodgers

Lodgers; A Ghost Story

Length: 14 Minutes

Production: Summer ’21

Release: Summer/Fall ’22

Location: Eau Claire, WI

A child’s ghost story gets a little too real in this overture to a feature-length script that we started working on during the pandemic. We’re really hoping to get our shots for the short film before school starts in the fall. Fingers crossed for a Halloween release date! 


A trio of friends share a scary story: A guy takes a strange job as a night guard at a creepy house in the woods. Encountering weird events at every turn, he soon suspects that his eccentric employer is treating him like a lab rat. A Haunted House story with a Science-Fiction sensibility.


Karl is the main character; a blue-collar guy who’s a little down on his luck. In this story, he takes a job as a night watchman who is assigned strange tasks at a weird house. 

Dr. Mekkler is the ‘evil mad scientist’ of the ghost story. She’s also Karl’s eccentric and demanding boss. 

Sam is a kid who can tell his friends a really creepy ghost story. Andy is one of Sam’s friends who really wants to prove how brave he can be. Brian is a friend to both Sam and Andy, along for the ride. 

Preproduction/Test Shots:

The Filmmakers:

Jim Rybicki co-wrote the serialized radio drama “Bend in the River” for Converge Radio. He teaches physics at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Jonny Wheeler makes films and art in Eau Claire. He teaches photo and video production at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.